Monday, November 1, 2010

our first message and a request

Hello everybody we are at last able to connect to the computer today and  we send warm wishes to all of our friends and family.  We are in Kamakwie, Sierra Leone settled into our small town.  I will write more soon to tell you all about this place and the wonderful people we have met.  Right now I have just minutes of electricity and want to post this request as one of our doctors here at the hospital will be in Atlanta Georgia this week to take an exam on Tropical Infectious Diseases.  We are in need of a few supplies and since I cannot email I'll ask for them here and give his address and perhaps they can be sent to him by overnight post.  They will need to arrive by October 3rd as his flight back to us is on October 4th and that doesn't give you much time but try to send.  His address Dr. Tom Asher, Wyndham Resort at Fairfield Plantation, 1602 Lakeview Parkway, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180. 

Tom is expecting many packages at this place and they will save them for him. For Donna or any firefighters we really need an old airway canvas roll to put together an airway kit for the OR.  I have some laryngoscope blades and a scope no oral airways (need all sizes including peds), have a few ET tubes also need all sizes including peds appreciate adult size 7.5 would be most useful.  We need a mechanical suction that is not by batteries. I remember we had these in Diamond Springs they didn't work great but with no electricity would really help us out during serious cases.  For Cascade Physicians and Good Sam Hospital we need Rocephin any and all, could be expired vials thats okay many cases without much bacterial coverage for meningitis.  Other useful injectable vials would be any steriod injections like Kenalog.  On a personal basis our family is great. Boys are amazing.  Different teas if possible and some powdered lemonade to add to our filtered water to improve the taste.   Looking forward to more writing.  Lynda!

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