Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yes! We're in Thailand!

Hi just a quick update we flew the family to Bangkok from Accra about three days ago! We're in Asia and planning to fly home through SF making it an around the world journey by airplanes.  We have two friends who live in Bangkok and Laos and they have both been here for 6 years so figured it was time to swing by and say hello... So much to say about Ghana where we spent about 3.5 weeks...plans are changing and much happening I'll will write more details soon --big hellos to everyone!


  1. Now that is weird. I was in Bangkok near the end of February, then off to Siem Reap, Cambodia and Koh Lipe (small island on the Thai-Maylasia border) and I am just now reading your blog...are you home yet?
    Stay safe.... Love Steve

  2. Lynda, I am just now reading an "ambiguous" post that apparently was on your blog, then not, and well, I spotted on an external link that mentions news about you being in SF taking care of matters.

    On the side, I flew to SF the middle of February for a week with family, then off to Bangkok and Cambodia, then back to SF for a week. I got back to Chile a few weeks ago, around March 21st, to be exact. Anyway, I wish I had taken it upon myself to read all of the posts prior. We probably passed each other along the way, airports, etc..

    When you get a chance send me an email and tell me when is a good time to call. I think I got the info right, I just want to make sure, as it wasn't clear from what I read. Regardless of that. I am thinking of you and sending you the best of thoughts these days.